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Tarangire National Park

Tarangire N.P. is characterized by the amazingly large herds of elephants that lives here. The Baobab trees are one of the other highlights of Tarangire and the Tarangire River that flows all year round is the life blood of the park. Many animals; predators and the preys alike gather around the river where you will be able to witness excellent game viewing

Welcome to Arusha National Park

“Arusha N.P. is often described as “a gem amongst parks.” It consists of three spectacular features, the Momela Lakes, Mount Meru and the Ngurdoto Crater. On clear days magnificent views of Mount Kilimanjaro can be seen from almost any part of the park. But it is Kilimanjaro’s unassuming cousin, Mount Meru – the fifth highest in Africa at 4,566 metres (14,990feet) that dominates the park’s horizon. Beautiful nature lies at the footsteps of Mount Meru where you can often spot the famous black and white Colobus monkey.  Other animals frequently seen in the park are Baboons, Giraffes, Warthog, Zebra and a wide range of antelope species including Dik-diks and Waterbucks.”


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